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The program has been a key driver

This program gave me an opportunity to improve my English language skills, allowing me to make strides toward my personal and career goals. The program was particularly valuable because of its unique ecosystem that felt like a family that always stands with me. The level of support and motivation was a key driver for me during the training. The program boosted my self-confidence, opened new career doors, and gave me hope for my future.

When you offer equal opportunity for all young people…

There is a common perception that only the young people who graduate from certain universities deserve to best careers and opportunities. I saw that the Hayırlı Sabancı English Chance Program levels the playing field when young people are offered equal opportunity.

You touched our lives as the youth

I am so glad that you touched our lives as the youth through the Hayırlı Sabancı English Chance Program. I am confident that this support will pave the way to more opportunities and open new doors for us in the future. I talk about you, your kind efforts and programs for youth employment wherever I go. It has been a great chance to cross paths with you, and I am grateful for your contributions.